Hi, I’m Kate.

Meet Kate

I’m a Chartered Marketer, ‘diamond polisher’ and a rugby geek.

I work with busy people, who have a strong vision and passion for their businesses and want to sharpen up the fuzzy bits in their business and marketing strategies.

Its easy to get so busy running your business that you’re flat out, just keeping the hamster wheel running at full speed.

This is where I can help!

I can help you in the stretch between your vision and having a strategy and the practical actions to make it happen.

What I hear from a lot of people I speak to is “I’d never thought of it that way”

This is what I call ‘diamond polishing’ – its about creating clarity so that your business really gets to shine.

A little bit about why I’m qualified to help you

I hold two marketing diplomas (one in digital marketing) and hold Chartered Status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK.

I have worked in Asia and London, and have a depth of experience spanning small, fast-growing entrepreneurial companies as well as financial and professional services in regulated markets.

In complete defiance of my MBTI profile (ESFP) I’m really good at project planning and working out ways to get things happening. I’m PRINCE2 trained which means that I’m very good at working out how to make things happen, with the resources you already have.

What else might you want to know about me?

When I’m not reading business books for fun, I love to travel. In 2006 I took the train between Hong Kong and London when I was moving home from Asia.

I’m also something of a rugby-nut who stays sane by spending as much time outdoors as I can!

Would you like to work with me?

Before I work with anyone I start by having a quick chat to find out what you’re looking for help with. There’s a little bit more detail on this page.

Click here to contact me – just send me a couple of sentences outlining what you’d like some help with. I’ll be back in touch to set up a call!