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Is there ever a good time to use QR codes?

It did make me smile but it does make a good point!QR code - Chris Hare, Linkedin

There is rarely, if ever a good time to use a QR code.

With the best intentions, these are meant to make it easy for people to find your website/facebook page/promotion.

Unfortunately the technology isn’t particularly user friendly. You have to download/open and app to use the codes.

For most people it will be faster to open Facebook or Google on their smartphone and search directly.

If in doubt, just don’t use them!

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Which social media networks should I be using?

Its quite easy to feelSocial media in donuts.jpg overwhelmed with the sheer volume of what’s being shared on social media and the number of places you could feature your content.

When you are choosing social media networks its important to understand what the different networks are used for and what kind of information is shared on all of them.

This slightly tounge-in-cheek photo gives a really good overview of how differently the same information could be shared across different networks.

Which networks should I choose?

Unless you’re a gigantic global brand you won’t need to be present on all of these straight away. There are two key considerations as to which channels to choose:

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What is the difference between a blog and a website?

These days, the answer is they can be two separate things or they can both be part of your website.

A few years ago, blogs and websites were two very different things. Blogs were often a personal online diary (like my travel journal) and websites were a company’s online brochure or shopfront.

The online world has evolved very quickly in the last few years and now it is common to find blogs sitting within conventional websites. The blog is really a publishing engine which allows companies to put updated information on their site and out into the wider web quickly and easily.… Click here to read on

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